Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raw Food

3 years ago I was introduced to a life changing concept that is so incredibly simple but nowadays has been made incredibly difficult. Here is the concept. Eat what your body needs. Eat what comes from the ground in it's purest, safest, cleanest form. the End!
(Completely Raw Carrot Cake)

My sister in law introduced me to the Raw Food Detox Diet. I was interested in losing weight. I was about 20 pounds overweight and lost 15 pounds of it throughout the course of 6 months by eating fruits before noon and veggies until dinner. For dinner I ate mostly healthy but not raw. Usually a light pasta and wine. I thrived at that weight and habit of eating for a good 8 months until I hit a rough patch in life and became depressed. The desire to take care of myself like I should was gone and I went right back to old habits.

(Artichoke, tomato vegetable crackers)

That landed me to where I was in March of this year. About April of this year I started a gym membership with my Mom to get me out of the house, into the fresh air and to break from business and stresses in the home. Thank goodness I have such an obliging Momma because this was the number one key for me to start taking care of myself.
By doing this together, We are showing my kids that it is important to make time for yourself and care about your health.
( Cheese Ravioli with mozerella, onion, zucchinni)

I didn't jump into anything too fast. Just worked on trying to became as active as I wanted without over doing it and becoming burnt out on it. Did this for about a month while slowly reading up on some books about what eating habits I wanted to create for myself. What I was looking for in the type of lifestyle changes I wanted to make was not counting calories or cutting out carbs. But rather what will feel fulfilling, spiritual, light, simple concepts that my mind can grasp and keep a hold of. Not too many rules to remember. (Squash noodles with stewed tomoatoes with chopped carrot & onion )

What I realized after reading a few of Natalia Roses' books was it wasn't a "diet" that we need to learn. It's not rules we need to remember but rather we need to understand how our bodies work off of food. How your body reacts to food. To know what foods you can make work for you.

(tomato, tuna sandwhich)

I'm certainly in the beginning stages but when I look in the mirror now. There isn't alot of picking on certain areas of my body or mentally reprimanding myself, because I know I am doing everything possible I can for my body to be the best it can be and it will get there. It took many years of neglect to get to where I am and the body will not heal in months but it is remarkable how much better I feel eating more REAL food.
(zucchini, tomato, motzerella, basil sliders)

I've always had a bit of trouble with balance. I like to throw myself into something full force, love it and move onto what's next. What I'm trying to remember is that there is nothing else to move onto. There are really only two choices..Eat processed foods and be unhappy or eat Real food and feel light and radiant.
(mixing chocolate pudding)

The kids of course still have their desserts and I will not push this onto them. But I already see them learning about new foods and trying some of them. They will help me prepare it even if they don't want to eat it. I feel really good about the direction we're headed and I feel confident that it will last. Because the desire is driven by knowing that I'm giving my kids a gift of
confidence in their bodies and hopefully not having to many issues with body image in their young adult and adult lives. (Chicken & Vegetable grilled cabobs)


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,sweetheart Angela:-)*

Great,great,great post!!!
I am absolutely fan of these tipe of eating,because you shape you body and you mind...and what you eat is the mostly important DEAL with you body!-)))*
It brings you life in ballance,totaly true!!!
And....oh my Godness,how important these is for you kids,you are my Hero,little beutiful Lady:-)*

My Love and many pure hugs for you,darling Angela,


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

It's me again...I am so sorry for my english:-(*

I mean:''kind of food''and not the same:''tipe of eating''...

I should be more to learn english!-)))*


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Good for you!
We tend to abuse our bodies, don't we? Ugh...

Gina said...

I think it's great you are doing this. I wish I could get beyond my unhealthy eating habits and wish too I could leave my sweet tooth behind, but still I remain with these same habits. I love Twizzlers, chocolate, and cupcakes, you see, and also have other reasons I will explain in a personal message. (Ooh! A secret!)

I wish too I could get beyond the constant fatigue (I know, my diet comes into it again!) so I would get out and exercise. I have no other excuse beyond fatigue since our current apt complex has a small gym...

In the least I would very much like to lose the high fructose corn syrup in our diet. So unhealthy! A goal, perhaps! :)

Gina said...

Update! I mentioned the high fructose corn syrup goal to R. and he says he usually doesn't buy foods with high fructose corn syrup! The only thing in our cupboard upon a quick review of it was my generic Raisin Bran. Hrmph. ;) So that is funny: he is making me all healthy without my knowing it!

I suppose my goal then will be to limit my sweet tooth a bit more. :P That is going to be a challenge! Maybe just one sweet treat a day. So hard!


ummm. . . this food all looks fantastic! Can you come bring some by my house? We love eating raw, but my food doesn't look quite as good as yours :)

Shopgirl said...

Since I am on a diet (better known as a life style change)this does look good. I do really good until the sun goes down, then I am hunting for sweet and salty...
This is a very special post.
Hugs, Mary

lala said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post. I have been looking for a dietary change due to some minor health issues and nothing made sense to me till I read your post. I am definitely cutting out the processed food - all of your raw food looks delicious, and it just seems so right to eat this way. Please do more posts about this way of eating.

Jacki said...

I found your blog here from another one. I love your spirit and sense of gratitude. So right about how to eat and percieve our bodies and intake effect.
What pretty and beautiful things you make on Etsy too.


Congrats on your goals. You are right about making changes for our bodies to be healthy. I started about three years ago and lost 58lbs.I had to make changes. One which was making time to exercise. At first it was hard, now it is just a part of my daily routne. Eating healthier is another change I had to make. There are days when it can be hard, but I remind myself it is worth it. Now I am 41yrs of age, have 4 kids and look better today than when I was in my 30's.

Your post has inspired me to try more raw foods. Yours look delish. Keep it up :)

Gretchen said...

Enjoyed your blog post. I too, have made some lifestyle changes in my life and feel so much better. I also am taking nutritional supplements along with the dietary changes and seeing a Naturopathic Dr. My life has been so transformed, and hopefully will continue to do this journey for a lifetime. Your photos looked so yummy and inspires me to get back to doing good again, as I've gotten lazy with my eating choices of late.
Thanks for the inspiration.