Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Activities

Oh my goodness! It's been a busy Summer. We woman have an incredible knack for having to fill every second of every day. But, I suppose these are the funnest times in life. The kids are with me every second of every day accept when my lovely parents take over for a full day, and sometimes even my husband will take them for the day so my mom and I can have a day of rest or shopping:) This time, we went shopping ~! and here are just a very few of the things we got on our incredibly successful shopping spree.

We found Valoria this magnificent tinkerbell costume. we bought it for her Halloween costume this year but she will wear it about a hundred times before then. The wings light up and it came with a wand. All for only $8.50! As you can see in the photos she beyond Loves it.

Alot of what I can't show you today is Miss Valencia's Birthday Presents. She got a rocking pony and snow white shoes and a few other gifts she will love. I'll show those in August after her Birthday party. She will be 5 this year but will not be headed to Kindergarten yet, She missed the birthday cutoff by only 3 days. Oh well, I'd love to have her home another year :)
Here she is with her new Birthday party dress (for only $5.50)
Mr Jaedin is headed to 1st grade in August, so for summer we've been working on homework every day. He is really great at Math and writing. He's showing off his Yoshi candy despenser Grandma and I found for him

We also bought some more bathing suits. At $4 or $5 a pc these are just too cute. And Valoria's Strawberry suit was only $2.50
The kids and I went on a hot morning to the waterpark. We packed up Ice water, grapes and apples for snacks and I packed up some "basket projects" I call them. These are small projects that I need to work on for Etsy orders. Such as tying tags, and wrapping rose stems.
The kids had such a great time and for a good portion of the day, had the water to themselves. I sat under the pretty pavilion where there was a nice breeze and worked on orders. In front of me the kids play happily and to my right this beautiful view of a lake with a fountain.

Here are the Crepe paper and coffee filter roses that I completed while at the park.
Hope you are all having a Happy Summer!!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,my sweetheart Angela!-)*

What an amazing day you has with you kids,darling!!!
It looks SO good and realy dreamly happy...
Oh,my...Valoria and Valencia are two little Fairies:-)))*
And HOW lively all is by you,dear Angela!

You enchanted roses maked it totaly garmonic!!!

My Love and many sunshine hugs for you and you kids,


your kids are just impossibly cute!

jewelrygirl said...

Very sweet pictures! I love the coffee filter flowers. said...

Don't you just love those splash parks for little ones? I wish we had one nearby our house.

staci j guthrie said...

Such beautiful photography. Thanks for the inspiration!