Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vintage Embellished Nut Cups

These delicate nut cups came about when I had these little cups laying around left over from last years Mops group meetings. I thought I may use them for the kids lunches to hold ketchup of something like that but I wanted them to have a longer life than that.
To save them from eternally sitting in a dumpster somewhere I thought I would wrap them with valuable vintage laces and buttons. No one in their right mind would throw away these pretty little cups that could house jewelry or craft supplies. Or could be used as favor cups at a luncheon or bridal party. Maybe even a little girls tea party.

And some more lovely white and satin pink Washcloths for a Shabby cottage kitchen on powder room.
All available in my Etsy shop!


Elyse said...

wow! i have a zillion applesauce cups that i'm always saving for little projects or mixing frosting but your cups look amazing! i'll have to give this a whirl. thank you for sharing.


The Pink Door said...

I always love a dolled up nut cup! Love these so sweet! <3