Saturday, April 24, 2010


Love is the greatest refreshment in life ~ Pablo Picasso

When I am so tired and excited and busy all at the same time. I remember that I can refresh myself with more oxygen, water and love. A very simple few things to get by.
Taking some deep breathes while looking out into this doesn't hurt either.

My weeks are busy with keeping a home clean for showings to sell our house , Kindergarten, Girls Dance classes, the Gym, My husband and my business.
Every week, something new refreshes me so I don't fall into the mundane life. One of my favorite tricks is to plan one special activity day each week to really look forward too. Last week my creative juices were refreshed by something so small. I needed to create some rose garlands for a wedding. This time I added pearl headed stamens to the centers. Just by looking into the rainbow colors of stamens I was mentally refreshed and inspired to create many colorful tissue paper bubble petal flowers. (Which will be for sale next week in my shop)

Here is another variation of the crepe paper rose I am working on. Trying to get better at this technique of cutting out, curling and attaching each individual petal. Coming soon on the blog are technique tutorial posts on coffee dying and crepe paper roses.

I feel very refreshed that my son's ear tube surgery went excellent. I'm so grateful he had no discomfort at all!
Life is all better~!


Jobs retail said...

So glad to hear that. I will send him my prayers.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Thankfully for you son,dear Angela!

GORGEOUS roses you maked again,my very talented young Lady Angela!!!-)*
Unbelieveble cute,the are SOooo lively and soft and just adoreble!!!LOVE you creation,my dear,beautiful Friend!!!

My hugs and Love,


#7 Mockingbird Lane said...

I love Valoria's pigtails! Is that what you'd call these? :P

Those white paper roses are gorgeous! They look so real!