Thursday, April 8, 2010

Connecting to the Source

I have fallen in love with a more organic lifestyle. And in saying that, I don't mean eating less pesticides and such. I mean living the way it seems to me life was meant to be lived.
For example FarMama's posts about how her children are warmed by sweaters made by their beloved sheep's wool and dyed, spun and knit together by their own mother's hands.
It's so sentimental and sweet. It's living in harmony with nature. I crave it.

It's sort of a culture shock. Breaking away from the Tv and computer and air conditioning is a hard thing to do when it's habit, but I never feel more fullfilled than when I lay down for bed after a long day outside. Spent on one- on- one activity with my kids. The fresh air, the sun. I read once that addiction was really just a disconnect from your "source".
For me it's God.
For some it may be mother nature, the universe.
There is a natural longing for a strong connection to your source, so logically living a more natural lifestyle would really fill the soul.

I found so much happiness in reading these blogs and discovering new toys, new ways of imaginative play with my kids. While I may not be ready to take the leap to change our whole lifestyle. It's slowly seeping in and I couldn't be more excited about it.
Aura Joon
Childhood Magic
Down in the Meadow
Imagine childhood
The Magic Onions
Earth Mama


Martha said...

I think that is great...and your pictures are gorgeous!!! How did it go yesterday? I was thinking of you and your son:)


Thank you for the mention! Quite the honor :)

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear Angela!!!-)*

What an fabulous,uitstanding beautiful post,my dear friend..
And all you blog friends,wich do you have here is a wonder!-)))*
I was by any peoples,by there blogs and these is indeed such a gift blogs and bloggers!!!

You photos here,my dear Angela is amazingly nice,like as a Mother Nature...Love one photo with you daugther and the rainbow,enchanted photo!!!-)))*

Much Love and lovely weekend for you and you familie,dear Angela!
You look great on these photo(sidebar in you blog)!***


Rhonda said...

Beautiful post, Angela. Just perfect! Your photos just flow with you words. I love your new photo of yourself, as well.

Shopgirl said...

Your pictures are lovely. We do need more time away from the TV and such. We have had a long winter, so I am hungry for outside.
I got to dig in the dirt last week and it felt so good.
My Tulips are giving such love color, soon my Larspur will show off!
Happy Spring, Mary

Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Angela...some are bold enough to say distractions come from the Enemy! It is hard not to buy into something with technology...look what I am doing right now! There is good and bad about anything with a plug or needing a is just how we use it! Peaceful and Calm....God brings it as we open ourselves up to Him....blessings, debbie
**thanks for the pictures!

Our Green Nest said...

That's awesome Angela!!! I'm just catching up with blogland after some time away but it looks like everything is going so wonderfully for you and your beautiful fam! So glad!