Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Happy Rainbow Day

Today was as close to perfect as it could get . Gorgeous blue sky with puffy white clouds, a little breeze, Sweet little children to play with on the porch. First thing this morning we threw our pretty springy skirts on and went outside.

Last night I finished these crocheted rainbow scarves. I've only ever learned a basic stitch which I picked back up with the help of my Mom.
I found the blog Childhood Magic recently and it lit a fire for me to give crocheting another try. Just like a good book I could not put it down. So addicting! I didn't stop crocheting until I had used up 2 skeins. The girls were thrilled to see this morning that their scarves were finished. They wore them as scarves, hung them in their hair, around their tricycle handles and used them as curtains in their pony's palace.

And as we were drawing the ponies their own pool on the porch with chalk, a surprise! The mail lady came and delivered our much anticipated first ever batch of Merino Roving.. from Spinning Awesome Good.. We've been wanting to make some felted beads and dolls and so much more..

We talked about where it came from and Valencia was so excited that there were such things as " rainbow sheep" ..... So we still have a bit explaining to do :)
Luckily Shelby (owner of SpinningAwesome Good) has a blog Evolve to Joy that gives some insight into her roving.The girls played with it a few good hours until we came in for lunch.

They kindly turned down my "rabbit food" lunch and requested pancakes,
To make it fun we added some food coloring.... pink, purple, blue and green. The girls called them Rainbow pancakes, but they actually turned out blue.

And to make this day even more exciting you can see not 1 but 2 of my Etsy products in 2 different Storque articles.
The first being my rose garlands in the Article Woodland Woo Weddings

And the 2nd feature is in the Guest Curator on etsy Storque Article Thoughts from Alice


Bev said...

The girls look so cute with all their rainbow things! They are so precious!
I received my goodies today - thanks for the "cereal" (he he!!) and everything is gorgeous!! Of the 6 roses you sent, took 3 and tried a little more color, so I added Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol ink in cranberry a little diluted to a container and dipped the edges. I also did a stretch of the crepe garland. They dried a perfect color for my project. I also added a vintage earring to the center of my flower. I will post it once I'm finished and link to you. Thanks for being so quick to ship, making these special for me - I will definitely be back to buy more! Huggs....Bev

Shelby said...

Oh wow! How could I have known I was creating roving for such magic and beauty! Thanks so much :)

Martha said...

They are sooo cute!!! Your creations are always beautiful...I think later today or tonight I will be e-mailing you with some help for Madison's party...talk to you soon:)

Melinda Cornish said...

what a couple of dolls and the blue sky looks so pretty! It looks like a rainbow bright day!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Just a little Angels,you have,dear Angela!-)*
You daughters are SO pretty and sweet,nice little ladies...

Love you post!-)))



Lou said...

Your girls are such cuties!!!
Lou xx