Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mini Hearts Intertwined

This Lovely little banner was made as a smaller version of the
Hearts Intertwined project here...
These banners were made for a submission into Somerset's Holidays & Celebrations...
Last August, 2009 I was so lucky to have been featured and I loved the experience so much that I wanted to find another beautiful and really fun project for a new submission.

Made from luscious vintage materials like velvet ribbon, vintage tatting, seam binding and re-purposed fabric strips this sweet little project could be done with any scraps you can find in your craft room.

Hopefully there will be news on if this project makes the cut but in the meantime I've had a few questions about the magazine features. There are so many features in such a short amount of time because once I turned in my first project I was hooked. I Love creating a project and sending it off in a pretty package wondering who it will see and whose hands it will fall into. There are incredibly talented and hardworking people behind these magazines and they will see potential in your work.
The only thing holding you back from turning in your special creation is you. There are so many gorgeous unseen projects out there. You may be holding back, but please realize it's not about being accepted or rejected. There are geniuses, Artists or not who have been turned down repeatedly in life and have turned out to be some of the most well known and accomplished individuals in their fields of expertise. It's only about having fun, getting joy or relaxation out of the act of crafting. If it is full filling to you in some way, then do it!
So go for it! Send in your pretty projects and techniques ~! Here's more info :)
Another little trinket I sent in with the banner is this vintage rhinestone and lace hairpin that uses broken jewelry findings to create new life of something already beautiful that had lost it's use.


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Ooh,my dear!-)))*

These project is an stunning,I love these creation of you very,very much!!!

Is SO cute,SO sweet,wonderful,Angela!

You sourse of inspiration is realy good!-)*

Love and hugs,


Karin said...

I love the heart's just gorgeous!

Lou said...

Ohhh Ange I just adore this banner.... it might be the one... :) Thinking of you today...
Love Lou xx