Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Somerset Winter 2010

My contributor's copy of Somerset Life came in December and I felt like it was the greatest Christmas Gift for myself. It was so exciting reading the article to my kids and showing them that Mommy's "art stuff" is in a magazine.
I thought it would be fun to walk you through this issue of Somerset Life.

Now that it has been a full year of me sending submissions into Stampington , I am finding that it so fun to go through the magazines & find photos of things I had forgotten about sending in or seeing special items I didn't know would ever be published.
First of all here is my article on Friendship pouches. The creation of the pouches were for an Etsy order. I created a fabric pouch to put hang tags in that Martha had ordered.
The article came about though when I sent a gift package to the publisher of Stampington magazines Kellene Giloff. The fabric pouches shown in this article were pouches sent to her.

(This article found on pages 116-118)
Another feature I found that I was not expecting was this box I spruced up specifically for Kellene's thank you gift. This box was a cover for a wedding guest book. I glued a vintage romantic image on the lid and tied a pretty bow around the box for a way to safely ship her delicate printed vintage papers. (Found on pages 84-85)

The 2nd feature I was not expecting, I found while flipping through too the friendship pouches article was this beautiful Cherub image. It looked so familiar that I stopped and finally realized it was mine. A listing in my Etsy shop that was listed late last year. A vintage post card found in my local Antique Mall that could be color copied and made into tags.

The final object I found of mine in this issue of Somerset Life was a Thank you card I sent in to Jenny Doh along with a submission. Here, she hangs notes from artists in her office by just some simple ribbon.

The following pouches I created to celebrate the article "Friendship pouches" I'm happy to say most all of them sold so far, all funds from their sales went to Rebecca Sower's Haiti by Hand project. Please check it out here The above pink mesh pocketed pouches are available still at the Angela Harris Etsy shop

The Above sage green pouches are still available at the Haiti by Hand Etsy shop!
Please shop these products and know that all of your sales will go to helping artists in Haiti provide a living for their families!


KarenSue said...

I have jus discovered Somerset Life. I know, where have I been? Anyway, I love sitting and reading every page. I love finding blogs I follow in there. Congrats to you!

Abby said...

Hi Angela, your work is beautiful and I love finding it among the pages of Stampington publications. They are my absolute favorite! Now that you're a pro at the "in's and out's" of the process it would be great to get some tips on what to do and expect. I'm terrified (still:) of going for it, lol. I'll be checking out your pouches for Haiti. I contributed one of my cards to the Etsy charity...it feels great to give a little something. Have a great day!

Jessica said...

I get really excited when I see your work published. Seriously. I'm walking all over the house, "Look. That's my friend, Angela. I have one of those Cherub postcards!!" :) I was just flipping through this magazine yesterday, too. Nobody was home, so I told my bird, "Sunshine. Look. That's my friend..." ;)

ozma of odds said...

...angela ~ your tags and pouches are lovely! I enjoy using mine scattered around my house, tied onto pretty bottles, lampshades, or just displayed in a bowl with other pretties! Congrats for your articles in Somerset, now others can see the pretty things you make and also have them for their own! xo

Signs and Salvage said...

CONGRATS on all your wonderful adventures & successes!! You are truly an amazing artist...such BEAUTIFUL pieces...love them all!! Have a GREAT week!!


Jodie LeJeune said...

Girl, you were the hit in Somerset Life's current issue!!!! Your creations and presentations are so beautiful as with all of your custom orders too!!!
It's simply a delight to come here and view all of the beauty you create. Now it's even better when I pick up my fav mags and see that you're in them too!!!!
everything vintage

Sharon said...

Congrats Angela, I think you should be in every issue of these magazines. I love what you do.

Linda said...

Glad I found your blog... thanks for commenting on mine!! I will be back! Great stuff...

Bev said...

WOW! I just love those chalkboard tags - what a great idea!! Congrats on being in Stampington! I actually got that mag but haven't had time to read it...I read every word - literally!! I'm with Abby...I'm too chicken to send anything in so you will have to give us some pointers!! Love your work as always! Give them cute girls squeeze for me...they are so adorable! Have a great weekend - stay warm!