Friday, February 5, 2010

Creations I love

Felt Garden Etsy shop
I met this fantastic new Etsy seller when she ordered some personalized tags for her soaps.
I ordered a bar to try out and my kids love it so much that I am going to have to order a different color for each of them. They come in beautiful colors and scents. I love these bars b/c they are something I have never seen in a store.

One Ripe Peach Etsy shop
When I find time to browse through Etsy, I always stop here. One Ripe Peach is absolutely one of my favorites. She uses every single color and material that I love.
Pinks, ephemera, glitter, thread.
With a look of her own, I love seeing what new creations she has every time I pop over there.
Recently I purchased this gorgeous card above and this wonderful fabric below of which I made fabric pouches.

Here are some of the pouches made from this textured fabric. They are available in Rebecca Sowers Etsy shop

Dorothy is a great friend I met when she contacted me about my article in Somerset Life.
She asked where I had gotten the Adore stamp used on the tags in that article.
I told her she could find that stamp in the Michaels $1 bin. That evening after talking to her I was stopping in for some supplies at Michaels and I found an Adore stamp in the bins before checkout. I grabbed it up. I hadn't seen that stamp in months there & I thought they had stopped carrying it. I sent that stamp to her and in return she sent me these absolutely wonderful creations she makes. Incredibly well made, sturdy eyeglass covers and a kleenex pouch that I use in my purse to carry my canon powershot camera (I was really disappointed that I'm not able to show you how pretty my teal camera is in this little pouch, as I cannot take a photo of the camera in the pouch while using the camera ) A blogger should really have 2 cameras for this kind of situation!! Although she does not sell these online as of yet I just had to thank her!

My Rubber Stamp Etsy shop
With me sending out so many packages lately, I've run out of address labels quickly. I have searched far and wide on the internet for the cheapest address labels and here it is! A rubber stamp is absolutely the way to go! Unique decorative borders and designs that can be personalized with all your info. She even offers self inking! Absolutely great prices and service.

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