Saturday, February 6, 2010

100th day of Kindergarten

This week my son had his 100th day of Kindergarten. We had to complete a poster project in which we put 100 of something glued to a poster board. I didn't want to spend any money on this project so I used what I easily have 100 of, which is buttons! So we made a chart since he is counting by 10's. The above is what we came up with.I was able to make it to his classroom to celebrate and help the teacher with the fun activities planned. Here is Jaedin making sure all 100 buttons are on the poster. I was pleased with our neat project until we walked into his classroom to be met with these wonderful, color filled huge posters. I was blown away by the creativeness! What was I thinking? I need to open my mind!
100 stars in the night sky

100 gumballs in a gumball machine
100 pennies to make a dollarhello? All these ideas are spectacular. But no. Here are 100 buttons in some lines.
but, you know what I realized. It is ridiculous to compare our projects. We are completely different people with different thoughts and experiences. More or less colorful isn't better. It's just different. Bigger or smaller isn't better. It's just different. And they are all equally great!
That is something I think we all deal with as artists. It's hard when we are all given similar supplies and materials and we come up with creations.
No one is better than the other at all! So PLEASE keep creating! and don't worry about copying or not being good enough. If we all support each other as artists. We will all grow!

While doing one of the projects, this book asked him what he wouldn't want 100 of. Funny enough he wrote "games". When I asked him why he wrote that he explained that, that would be too many and it would be hard to put them all away. *Lightbulb* Why do I have 8 million blouses! Wouldn't it be great if I could think like a child and see that too much of some things is more hassle than it is good.
This day has turned out to be an eye opening day.
I also learned that in a timed test to see how many times Jaedin could write his name that he either is very slow at writing or doesn't understand why he should label his paper more than 1 time? I like to think though that he simply wanted to take his time and make sure his penmanship was beautiful :)
On a side note, a couple of days before Jaedin's 100th day I found out that it was time to register Valencia for Kindergarten. When I looked up the when and where info I discovered the cutoff for this school is August 1st. A child must turn 5 before this date. Valencia's birthday is August 4th! darn it! She must wait one more year for school. she was quite disappointed since she has been looking forward to going to school like her big brother. It's okay though. One more year filled with free Library readings, Church classes and days out with Grandma and Papa.


Kimberly said...

How cute! Angela don't you know everything we know we learn in kindergarten? I love those lessons and what a great Mom you are to see them and apply them to your own life. He looks so cute and reminds me of when my son was that age. I love those times when they are so innocent. He is now 22 and 6'4"!

Anyway I am glad I included you on my sidebar so I can be up to date on all you are doing. Very fun and so informative. I love those stamps you talked about and went over to her site. I will order from her for sure.

I am excited to receive my package from you..... no pressure I am just excited!


Ellen said...

Time flies so quickly doesn't it? It seems like just yesterday that my daughter was celebrating her 100th day in she is finishing up 3rd grade. Enjoy these special times!

P.S. I LOVE your chalkboard tags!

sanjeet said...

He looks so cute

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Lisa said...

You are SO right! How many times do I look at another artist's creation and put myself down silently. How ridiculous and yet I think we all do it. We are just different and different is GOOD! Thank you for sharing and getting me to stop with the self doubting.

Lisa Leo

Shopgirl said...

This post is so cute, you can tell he is so proud. He is a little heart-braker for sure. They do grow up so fast. There is so much JOY in a child eyes.
Hugs, Mary