Thursday, August 6, 2009

My new travel buddy

So, I have my stay at home buddy. A Fuji Finepix which does a beautiful job, but I busted the bottom of the camera on some rocks when on a photo shoot at the City Hall photographing the lake a flowers and whatnot. Ever since then I've always had to hold or tape the bottom shut while photographing my Etsy things. Well that's fine and all for my creation photos up close but I hadn't taken any photos of my kids in like 2 months!! that's just rediculous!
So, I walked right into Target pointed at the glass and said I'll take that one! Look at it! it's a little teal beauty, & i since I hadn't bought a camera in a whole year I learned that most cameras come with ion batteries now and not rechargeable batteries. I really should have done all of my homework and whatever but this ones the prettiest and so I would make it work. Turns out, I don't have to it's a great camera!
So this explains why I've fallen behind on posting about a ton of cool things I've been doing lately. So today is Catch up day. I'm thinking there might be 6 posts just today! Get ready to come visit me often because I'm on a roll!!

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Our Green Nest said...

Awesome - yea for a new camera! :)