Friday, August 13, 2010

August Etsy Additions

For the month of August I've added some soft petaled flowers, new inspiring word tags and a variety of new muslin tags.
These special roses are called Sola Flowers, Sola shell flowers are carved to look like they are made with shell. They are beautiful handmade flowers that are made from tapioca wood peel. It is a soft wood so you can easily string them together with a needle to make natural garlands for decoration.

Inspirational words stamped onto handmade coffee dyed tags.

The beautiful delicate pink coffee filter roses started out life as plain white coffee filters. they've been dyes pink with a special color mixture of dyes. then baked in the oven and finally cut and spun into roses. These are beautiful additions to Guest book tables, Wedding cake platforms or can be made into long strands of garlands by attaching them to ribbon.

A classy Thank you tag for weddings and special events was made with coffee colored paper, a custom message and a beautiful bird in a branch stamp image. Finished off with seam binding ribbon ties.
Muslin tags stamped with light pink damask hearts make for the perfect base for place cards tied around the stem of a wine glass or around napkins. They can even be customized with names and date, or a thank you message.

Please come and see my Guest Curatorship this week on Crescendoh!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Angela!-)*

You amazed me again with you creations,you are bizarre talented artist!
You roses tooks my breath away...the are so lively!!!

Come by my and look at my last designs:-)*


Barbara Jean said...

I've just been making tags with some of those same stamps.
I have JOY with the sweet swirlies under it, and I'm adding a scripture on Joy also. Praise is another great one.
I also thought about putting a sweet vintage picutre on the bottom of it.
I'll be posting them soon if you want to see.

love all your flowers.

hugs and blessings

barbara jean

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Popped over from cresendoh and Holly is up on your page. I just ordered and got one of her dolls in the mail !!! Love it !! I cannot believe these you made flowers are made from coffee filters ,they are so pretty !!!

Karin said...

Love everything! The tags are adorable.....I really am inspired to do something with my coffee filters now!

Sharon said...

I love all that you do and your coffee filter flowers are fantastic.

OnceUponATimeVintage said...

Dear Angela,
absolutely fabulous work, the tags and flowers are beyond amazing and so so inspirational.

Melissa said...


Your items are FANTASTIC! Those flowers are breathtaking! Total yum fest.

Gratitude for your comment about my ocean life photos and post. I'm so grateful that I can take an upsetting situation and turn it into something inspirational for myself and others! It doesn't get better than that!


terri said...

I like your spirit and your help from God. You are a wonderful mother. I just know it.