Friday, May 1, 2009

Mops Steering Gifts

The Leader of my Mops Group requested this sweet little project for the Steering Meeting. All of the ladies who worked and kept the group organized this year will be receiving these at our last meeting. What they are is 9 index cards that have been painted with Acrylic paint and then stamped with filigree and swirl stamps. I added rhinestones every once in a while to a card and added some doodles. Each of the 10 members wrote on a card to each of the other 9 ladies.

They wrote something special to each other member about how nice it was to work with them and how friendships had formed. I then collected them all and made a booklet for each woman. For the booklets cover I used a pretty blue and green and cream wallpaper. I then used a coffee dyed tag, crepe paper frills and a mini banner to adorn the fronts.
This might be a sweet thing to do for Mother's Day of Grandparents Day, having all of your family member write what is so special about Grandma or Mom on their Cards and making her a booklet. Because SWEET words are one of the World's best gifts!


Jenny Fowler said...

They will love them! That's a great idea! How did your meeting go?

Denise said...

what a lovely nice.....and you did such a great job!