Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pinecone Birdfeeders

I know this project is mostly done in the wintertime but working at Michaels has my head in the holidays. I'm so incredibly ready for fall and I just want to celebrate it! The whole family went this weekend to the park to collect pinecones. Then we went to the store to collect our other supplies...Peanut butter, birdseed and yarn.At our new house we have a fantastic back porch that's covered. Perfect for messy projects like this. The girls spread the peanut butter over the cones and i tied string onto the tops.
Then they rolled the peanut buttered pinecones in bowls of birdseed. We then placed them lightly on a cokkie sheet and spread them around the yard.

Our puppy Saoirse loved these because she got to sneak some of the birdseed that fell on the ground :)
They look so pretty and they remind me of fall that's right around the corner!

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