Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Newest Addition

So here she is! My 3rd daughter :) (Yes, I'm one of those crazy dog people now)

My little furbaby. She is the sweetest most adorable puppy I've ever seen and I'm completely in love!

After our lost puppy run in with the perfect breed of dog for our family (a Maltese mix of some kind) I searched the whole wide web for a match. I looked on adoption agencies across the country and felt out what my husband considered far. Just wanted to see if he would let me travel from Missouri to Texas to pick up a puppy. Which he did not find very amusing! :)

The breed I was looking for was very difficult to get a hold of.
Not many Maltese mixes near me in adoption centers that were available to me.

My search only turned up about 6. Out of those 6 sweet dogs, only 3 were female (which we wanted) and of those 3. One was special needs and 2 would not be adopted out to families who had young children.

I then begun to look at breeders across the country. That was hard to dive into because there is so much push now-a-days to adopt. The breeding industry is so hard to dig through because you never know if they are reputable or just out to make money.

When I was frustrated and at the end of my research on the comoputer I went about life wondering why nothing was working out.

I knew that it was meant to be that our family was suppose to get a puppy now, and I even knew what breed and gender was perfect for our family so why was it so hard to find the right puppy!?

As I grocery shopped at a store about 3 minutes from my home I put the groceries in the trunk and walked my cart to the cart collection. On my walk back to the car I noticed a store I hadn't noticed in the 6 years we lived here. I'm not sure when it opened but I had never had pets so I guess my eyes weren't open to the existance of the store I didn't need.

So this day, I decided to stop in and look , hoping they would have cute clothes for the puppy I would hopefully find soon. But when I walked in, I heard some barking and saw some fish. This store actually sold animals. Although I had a bad opinion of buying a pet from a store I looked at the puppies and came across the most visually appealing breed there . A Malshi.

I asked the girl working there if she ever had any Malti-poos since that was what my research online was for. She said these Malshi's were the closest they had. At first I said "no" and began looking at toys on the other side of the store. With a quick change of heart I decided to visit with the Male and female Malshi in a little cubicle. I fell in love instantly with a little fuzzy ball of happy. They were excited and tiny and so cute!

After learning they were what I thought was an absurd amount of money to pay for a dog. After all, When I was about 6 my daddy had found a little beagle puppy in the newspaper for $40. I had to remember things were different now. Even after she told me the puppies price. I knew I couldn't walk out of the store even today without her. I caught alot of flack from my husband about the cost and the sudden purchase but I have never ever regretted paying that much or getting her from where I did in the 4 months I've had her. She's been an absolute dream. She's brought so much more joy to our family than I ever expected!

Her name is Saoirse (Ser-sha) Fionnoula (finn-ula). They are Celtic names that I did alot of research on before deciding on them. My husband wanted a boy dog and I just couldn't deal with not gettting to make dresses and hairbows for it, and naming it Gunner, or something manly like that. So I looked for a name that had a meaning and history I thought he would like. Saoirse is a name that was popular in Ireland in the 1920's. It means freedom or liberty and has strong republican political meaning.
Her middle name is also gaelic. Fionnoula means "fair haired" which fits because she is all white. There is a Irish legend about the name that is so charming.


babyjane said...

She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I'm so happy you found this little darling and that she fits your family so well...

Gina said...

I have never heard of a malshi before. What is the breed a hybrid of?

She is very pretty. Did I see her in a baby sling? ;) I bet the kids just adore her.