Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's a Girl to do?

Now that Jaedin (my 6 year old son) has headed off to first Grade. My 2 daughters and I are left to spend the day together. I do work during the day every week day on my Etsy shop. Every day while they have 1 hour blocks of tv time I use that time to come up with product ideas, create new items for the shop or complete orders. All of the other hours are filled doing girly fun activities. I enjoy so much staying at home with these 2 little darlings! How did I ever get to be so blessed~! Alot of our day is spent changing, and I can't say it's a surprise. I have done this for 15 years to my mother. Clothes scattered about my room and as a teenager always covered my floor so that there wasn't even a walkway. So it's only natural that I would get back two fold what I dished out :) Tutus and leotards and swimsuits are their favorites.

Painting and Play-doh are another set of their favorite past times. Here we did it with a family friend that is their age. My mom and I save egg cartons to use as paint cups and i lay down a colorful table cover I got on clearance at Walmart a couple years ago. Doing this activity on the floor allows for more creative room to move about. Instead of sitting at a table where you may not be able to reach something, this allows you more room to move about and get what you need.

More dress up of course. With jewels and mama's shoes and upside down sunglasses. In the background you can see Valencia playing with ou all time favorite past time, a collection of houses and stores that open up. We have a whole town's worth with little people and furniture and vehicles. Purchased at a consignment shop for only $35!

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VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Just LOVE you wonderful precious girls,dear,dear Angela!!!