Friday, November 28, 2008

YourAngil Christmas Adornments

This year so far has been extremely exciting. After a few years of moving into my home away from my parents 4 years ago and getting married and having kids. I made the transition all this year from working girl to stay at home mother and wife. It's been very nice and relaxing. Any stress and commitment was what I asked for by going out and looking for things to make me happy and keep me busy.

After working 6 years at Michaels arts and crafts when Christmas starts in August and ends in February. I hurts to say now but I was so sick of Christmas. While fully pregnant I would deal with cranky customers and lack of experienced cashiers. Me at 8 months round bending over and cleaning stems with glitter glued to every inch. Yuck. Everything in my house shimmered with glitter. This year though. I've had limited introduction to Christmas and the idea that it is coming up is almost too much to handle.
My Mom and Dad put on a huge party production for our immediate family every year. Food all day and presents all morning. I can't wait! I've been keeping myself busy though. I've been making Scrapbooks on . There are Pros and cons to doing your album digitally. I personally have conflicting opinions about it. I'd obviously much rather have 3d real embellishments and take the time to personally put it all together but I also refuse to have all of my photos on the computer exclusively or in a photo box. So I went ahead and made a book for our Family album for 2007 and 2008 as well as each of their baby books and our California Vacation. Someday I will have time maybe when the kids go to school or maybe I won't have time until they leave the house. Either way for now I want to have the photos gathered so we can enjoy them. So even though the costs can add up it's still cheaper than 5.00 for each scrapbook layout page. After embellishments ,paper and photos it would be comparable.
I had a great time putting these new tag series together. I actually sat down on the living room floor to make these after the kids went to bed. Since it's winter weather now the little critters have discovered my house as a safe haven. My husband & I are NOT pet people but we actually think it's kind of fun to have a nightly sighting of the itty bitty mouse. It's not so cute anymore because we've caught 5! Aaah! I told my husband I'm not amused anymore. Get them out of here before they make beds in my crepe paper stash. Ha:)


Bev said...

These bells are so cool! Congrats to hubby on his promotion too!

You are such a special inspiration to me, I've given you an award on my blog.

Stop by and say hello!


Jenny Fowler said...

Your tags are always so lovely. I hope your store is doing well! :)