Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrate what you want more of!

There has been a huge rise of Gratitude in my life this week. The motto of success I like to go by is Celebrate what you want more of. Therefore be so incredibly grateful for what you enjoy and receive and you will receive more of it. Whether you believe you are calling it to yourself or maybe you are just raising your high vibes and making yourself happier and more confident in rejoicing for the things you receive. Either way life isn't too terribly long and because you never know when you will talk to someone again you must tell them how thankful & grateful you are for the wonderful things they do. I thank many people daily (probably to the point of being annoying:) for all of the wonderful ways my life is brightened by you. And so this is the theme I wanted to go with while sending out my Happy Everything Card Swap.

Here are some happy things I would like to celebrate this week. I want to celebrate Katie (Ragamuffin Gals) blogoversary. Hope lots more are to come. She is the most consistently thoughtful person. I'm so glad I have found great friends while doing swaps like Katie, Marilyn, Sherry and Kris to name a few.

This precious cupcake hanger she made me is on display in my car.

Another thing I'd like to celebrate is sending in my first package to a Somerset Life Magazine. There are so many sister zines to apply for and one that I'm extremely excited about is GreenCraft. I can't wait to send them projects to (hopefully) publish. It's so great that Stampington has already been green by publishing ways to use vintage supplies in artwork but now a whole magazine dedicated to it is going to be great for my generation. I feel like it would be a complete circle realization as I worked at Michaels Arts and Crafts for 6 years and used to look through the pages of these magazines every month.


BellaKarma said...

Everything about this post is Very Cool! My Mom worked for Somerset for a short time -- and Jenny Doh is really cool! Hope your art gets published -- it's worth being so! :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I was just reading along your blog, trying to catch up with you, and then I found this sweet comment on my package ~ you are so sweet to highlight it ~ thanks! I am really loving your new creations and I'm believing that Somerset will recognize your wonderful gift of creativity!

jenny fowler said...

that is pretty packaging! and i love katie too! ;)